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Thread: Need HELP with FIFA09 :: Willing to pay

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    Need HELP with FIFA09 :: Willing to pay

    When 2 players play in the Multiplayer Option of Fifa09, its a peer to peer connection and once the game is over there is no record of the results.

    Now what i need is something which shall hook to the game of fifa09 and record information as to when a game is initiated, joined, results/score, team selected and so forth.

    To help the cause, i have stumbled across exactly what i am looking for in [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] where you can download a client "GamOn" which allows you to initiate FIFA09 within the application and after the match it sends records to some server whereby updating the gaming leauge information.

    However its a propietary thing ..so it cannot be used....

    My Research
    The GamOn client has dedicated dll files for every game(for fifa09 its fifa09.dll) which supposedly does the hooking and after the match is over it updates the information to a server. (Tried to go through the decoded assembly of the dll but i am not really good in ASSEMBLY). The external functions of this dll seems quite trivial and maybe hooking to these functions and doing something might help the cause....not sure though...

    There is another file dirtysock.dll which is installed along with the FIFA09 and after decoding the ASSEMBLY i saw that i has all the variables in the Strings section which we shall require.

    So thats the jist of it. Please letme know whether anyone is interested to solve my problem and i am willing to compensate for the efforts.

    BTW..i am not good in Programming/ASSEMBLY...

    Regards Irfan
    Keep Smiling.

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    Re: Need HELP with FIFA09 :: Willing to pay

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