what is visibility and scope
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Thread: what is visibility and scope

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    what is visibility and scope

    What is visibility and scope? what are difference between them?

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    Re: what is visibility and scope

    'scope' usually refers to the lifetime of a variable (the time between it getting created and destroyed). 'visibility' refers to whether or not it's accessible. However, it's not quite as simple as that because local variables can hide variables of the same name that were previously visible and in scope. For example:-

    class myClass
        myClass(); // c'tor
        int publicInt;
        int privateInt;
    // Somewhere in your code
    myClass myObj;
        myObj.publicInt = 3; // Acceptable - 'publicInt' is public - therefore visible
        myObj.privateInt = 3; // 'privateInt' is private - it remains in scope for the duration of 'myObj' but is not visible from outside the object
    // Another example
    int x;
        publicInt = 9; // refers to the member variable
        if (something_or_other)
            int publicInt = 3; // This new declaration hides the member variable temporarily
            // Within the scope of these 2 brackets, 'publicInt' refers to the
            // local declaration. Member 'publicInt' is temporarily hidden.
            x = publicInt; // 'x' will equal 3
        x = publicInt; // 'x' will equal 9
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