Perpetuum Software announces the release of a new version of .Net components package intended for the creation of functional and efficient management systems for all aspects of company business: reporting systems, OLAP analysis, data processing and visualization.

A new version of the .Net ModelKit Suite set is developed taking into consideration advanced technologies in reports creation and visual data representation. The main issue of the version 3.9 release is visualization of any information.

The libraries of Chart ModelKit charts and Instrumentation ModelKit gauges were considerably extended. New Chart ModelKit 3.9 collection includes 180 unique examples designed in 10 various styles. Chart and diagram palettes allow the display of data in bright, vivid, light or neutral tones. 80 Instrumentation ModelKit collection gauges, designed in the same styles, allow the creation of unique digital dashboards in a single style. New graphs and indicators advantageously design any application in the color which is the most preferable for your client. Now any application created with Chart ModelKit 3.9 or Instrumentation ModelKit 3.9 will not only display data as clear as possible, but will differ from analogous ones.

New visual elements collection will be especially useful for reports building. Report Sharp-Shooter 3.9 allows the use of charts and gauges in the reports to visually represent data in accessible for understanding and analysis form. Now you can display all numeric information in your client most comprehensive form.

New Report Sharp-Shooter 3.9 functionality will be especially interesting for the developers who values comfort and conveniences in work. Using Public designer functionality you can create custom designer by full customization of toolbox and changing designer appearance. The whole standard designer functionality will be the same. Now, it is possible to use Linq-to-Sql model as a data source. Make your work with component as convenient and productive as possible!

A new version 3.9 of .Net ModelKit Suite includes a set of fixes which allows the increase of components performance and flexibility. Now nothing will draw your attention away from the creation of effective and qualitative data processing, analysis and visualization applications.

Evaluate new .Net ModelKit Suite 3.9 functionality: