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Thread: Help reqd for adding a button to a different app.

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    Unhappy Help reqd for adding a button to a different app.

    I have tried but failed to do the following requirement. Any input from you folks will be helpful.

    Requirement: there is a windows app1 in C++, i need to use .net create a console app (app2) that disables a button (b1) in app1 and adds another button (b2)to app1. The b2 button then does some verification from the form details in app1 and then enables b1.
    Also I am not allowed to make any code changes in app1

    my problems:
    - how to disable a button of a different app.
    - how to add a button to a different app.
    - how to pass various textbox values from app1 to app2.


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    Re: Help reqd for adding a button to a different app.

    To disable a button in another app, you get the handle to the button and then send it a message to disable it.

    To do the other work, you can inject a dll into the other app's process space, create the button and intercept the messages.

    To pass data between the two apps you can set up some form of interprocess communication between your app and the dll you inject into the other app.

    Generally requirements such as these are made by folks without an understanding of how difficult this sort of thing is.

    Btw, what sort of application do you need the button for and why do you need to do this?

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