Repeating Action?
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Thread: Repeating Action?

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    Repeating Action?

    I'm supposed to print off stars. I prompt the user for a number (we'll call it n), and then print out n lines of stars. The first line will have one star and then it adds one each line.

    Enter the number of lines -> 5

    I have this:

     #include <iostream>
    	using namespace std;
    	int main() {
    	    int n;
    	    cout << "Enter the number of lines." << endl;
    	    while (cin >> n) {
    	        //--- Loop counting i up from 1 to n.
    	        int i = 1;          // Initialize counter.
    	        while (i <= n) {    // Test counter.
    	            cout << "*";
    	            i++;            // Increment counter.
    	        cout << endl;
    	    return 0;

    That gives me the entered number of stars but I don't know how to get the lines of stars up to that point.

    eg. If I run it now:
    Enter number of lines -> 5

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    Re: Repeating Action?

    The problem is here

    while (cin >> n)

    Put the cin outside the while and make it similar to the inner loop.
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    Re: Repeating Action?

    Use nested loops: An outer loop to loop over the lines you want to write (user a loop variable row), an inner loop to write as many stars as suitable for this line (the current value of row). After the inner loop, write a line feed character (\n).
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