How to add a record ID to a access table
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Thread: How to add a record ID to a access table

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    How to add a record ID to a access table

    I have a table in access that has only two fields: one is the PATIENT_ID and the second is DRUG_NAME. There are multiple records with different DRUG NAMES for each patient ID. I am trying to figure out a way to add a third field that would say DRUG_1, DRUG_2, etc for each patient ID. So, the DRUG_1 would start new when it's a new PATIENT_ID

    Any thoughts?

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    Re: How to add a record ID to a access table

    I think you have 2 tables from what you are saying

    Table 1 - Patient_File

    Patient_ID <<<<UNIQUE KEY
    etc etc etc etc

    Table 2 - Patient_Drugs_File

    Patient_ID <<<<<NON-UNIQUE KEY - Same as Patient_ID in Table 1

    Table 2 can hold any number of records belonging to the Patient_ID in Table 1

    Table 2 could also hold more information about the drug if required

    Table 2 - Patient_Drugs_File

    Patient_ID <<<<<NON-UNIQUE KEY


    For example Drug_Group could even identify a problem when a Doctor prescribes a Drug to a Patient who has an Allergy to a certain group of drugs (held in the "Patient_Drug_Allergies" Table

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