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Thread: Issues overloading [] operator

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    Issues overloading [] operator

    Hey guys,

    I can't seem to get the declaration for overloading the [] operator correctly.

    friend const int& operator[] (unsigned int argInt);
    const int& operator[] (unsigned int argInt){
            if (getDegree() > argInt){
    		return 0;
    		for (int i = 0; i < nCoeff; ++i){
    			if (degrees[i] == argInt){
    				return coeff[i];
    [edit] I also tried const int& Polynomial:perator[] but it gave me an error saying 'binary '[' : 'Polynomial' does not define this operator or a conversion to a type acceptable to the predefined operator'

    First off my syntax for overloading this operator is incorrect but I do not know where.

    Also it can't find getDegree() nCoeff, degrees and coeff - these are variables (and one function) that are available in the class but because I have no reference to the object - I don't know how to access the object.

    When overloading other operators ++ I have access to the object - is there a way I can access the object in the [] operator?

    Thanks in advance,
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