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    [RESOLVED] A LINQ query ?

    Hello there.

    If we have a XML file like this :

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="yes"?>
      <Data ID="0" X="?" Y="?" Z="?" />
      <Data ID="1" X="?" Y="?" Z="?" />
      <Data ID="2" X="?" Y="?" Z="?" />
      <Data ID="3" X="?" Y="?" Z="?" />
      <Data ID="4" X="?" Y="?" Z="?" />
      <Data ID="5" X="?" Y="?" Z="?" />
      <Data ID="6" X="?" Y="?" Z="?" />
      <Data ID="7" X="?" Y="?" Z="?" />
      <Data ID="8" X="?" Y="?" Z="?" />
      <Data ID="9" X="?" Y="?" Z="?" />
    How can we get this query :
    The query : All nodes with the same X,Y,Z attributes.
    e.g :
    The query have to return something like this :

    <Data ID="0" X="1" Y="2" Z="3" />
    <Data ID="1" X="1" Y="2" Z="3" />
    <Data ID="8" X="1" Y="2" Z="3" />
    Thanks in advance

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    Re: A LINQ query ?

    Probably. What parameters are you supplying, or do you want all matches?

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    Re: A LINQ query ?

    Thanks a lot, I've got the answer here

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