Hello, i have got a big problem:

I have put the AvtiveX control "Microsoft RDP Client Control 2" into a MFC dialog. Now i want to do the settings like server, username and password. In VB.NET its easy. But how can I set up the password ? It seems to be a bit difficult to set up the settings behind "AdvancedSettings2" in C++.
After the command "get" there is an LPDISPATCH result, but I dont know how to handle with it to set up the password. Please help ...


Form_RDP.RDP_Client.Server = "demo.demo.de"
Dim username, passwort As String
username = "demo"
passwort = "demo"
' Herstellen der Remotedsktopverbindung
Form_RDP.RDP_Client.UserName = username
Form_RDP.RDP_Client.DesktopWidth = 1024
Form_RDP.RDP_Client.DesktopHeight = 786
Form_RDP.RDP_Client.AdvancedSettings2.ClearTextPassword = passwort ' !!!!!!


LPDISPATCH result; // ??????????????????
result = m_mstscax1.get_AdvancedSettings2(); // ?????????????????