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    CImage to HBITMAP


    I have problem with this code:

    	CImage tmpImg;
    	HRESULT hResult = tmpImg.Load(L"C:\\img-1.gif");	
    	tmpImg.Create(tmpImg.GetWidth(), tmpImg.GetHeight(), tmpImg.GetBPP());
    and the problem is that assert m_hBitmap == 0 fails.

    I just need to create real HBITMAP from CImage without casting (CImage:perator HBITMAP()).

    Thank you for help!

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    Re: CImage to HBITMAP

    Load and Create after this - too much for the same CImage instance. tmpImg is ready for use after Load, why do you need Create?

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    Re: CImage to HBITMAP

    well what I really try to do is insert gif image into rich edit control and I need somehow to convert gif into bitmap.

    http://www.codeguru.com/cpp/controls...cle.php/c2417/ - here's the code for inserting images in rich edit for bitmaps

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