Hi, I am trying to write a class that simulates a deck of cards and i am currently working on the shuffle method. I am using a char array to simulate the deck. I remember reading somewhere that there are already methods to randomly sort an array but i wanted to implement the shuffle with my own code. The char array i start with is in a ascending order so it looks like. [2,2,2,2 ... ... K,K,K,K,A,A,A,A]. I was wondering how this algorithm would work and whether others thought it was random enough.

For each index of the array
get a random number within the array bounds.
switch the current char with the char at the random index.

Would this be a good way to shuffle the array. It looks like I will be creating 52 random numbers in total and making 52 swaps total. It does not seem like alot of overhead. I have not tried to write the code yet i just wanted to get some opinions on the alg. and whether or not it would suit. I was also thinking I could run the algo twice on the array.