Hello Guys.

I have this strange problem. Just finished an activeX control involving a pictureBox. I have exposed PictureBox's MouseUp event.

When I run it in VB IDE, it works fine, shows a message box which I have programmed on MouseUp event.

But when I run the exe, after making the project, outside VB 6.0 IDE, MouseUp does just nothing.

I have tried a lot of stuff, including uninstalling/unregistering previous versions of control, deleting and adding correct ocx to toolbox etc. But problem is not getting solved. It has been 3 days now since I am fighting with it. I think when exe runs, it is not using proper ocx, but I have not been able able to either prove or disprove this hunch.

Thanks for your time.

p.s. I have tried posts with similar title without success.