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    Server application atop Apache - how to?

    Hello all!

    I've recently been working on a simple game server, using Visual Studio 2008.
    It all works fine, but while working on it I've been thinking to myself something like "why am I re-inventing the wheel here?".
    What I mean is, there are very good server applications out there, and one if not the best is the Apache HTTPd.

    Now Apache HTTPd supports something called "mod". In other words - plug ins.

    My question is, if someone had any (good) experience with building your own server, with your own protocol (I'm not gonna use any kind of HTTP protocol - it's gonna be pure binary) using the method I've mentioned above (Apache mod) ?

    I know there's something called Apache Mina, but this is a framework for Java developers. I'm looking for the C++ counterpart

    I ask this because I don't know if it's possible at all and I'm SURE there's someone here who knows the mod interface of Apache good enough to tell me if this is possible.

    Please keep in mind that since it's a game, the connection sessions will access some shared memory parts which I'll have to sync access to, obviously.

    I really hope someone here cares about this post, and I think it's interesting anyway.

    Thank you and have a good day!

    ** added **
    I forgot to mention that I've seen a few samples on writing mods (modules) for Apache.
    Seem to be Ok, yet, to know the answer for my general question I think I'll still need an "expert" advice, before getting into it and possibly getting lost at it
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