I am pleased to announce that a new release of cfix is now available on

Besides several minor improvements, version 1.3 introduces source-level
compatibility to WinUnit: That is, existing WinUnit tests can be
recompiled into cfix tests without source modification.

For further information, please refer to my blog post at:

Tutorials are available here:
http://www.cfix-testing.org/doc/TutorialUserVsCc.html (User C++)
http://www.cfix-testing.org/doc/TutorialUserVs.html (User C)
http://www.cfix-testing.org/doc/TutorialKernelWdk.html (Kernel C)

The full set of documentation can be found at:

cfix is an xUnit testing framework for C and (unmanaged) C++. Unlike
other frameworks, cfix has been specially tailored for Windows
development, both user and kernel mode. cfix is open source software and
licensed under the LGPL.

Feedback is very welcome: Please email to passing at users dot
sourceforge dot net.