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Thread: Trouble with Patch-surfaces in OpenGL

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    Trouble with Patch-surfaces in OpenGL

    Hello all.

    I am trying to build a small OpenGL application where the user can specify a bezier/b-spline curve (as side-view) and a closed bezier/b-spline curve (as top-view).

    What I want to do is 'sweep' the top-view curve over the side-view cure to generate a 3D object in the 3rd viewport.

    I have set-up the curves correctly, given 8 control points each. But I am unsure how to proceed in generating the control points for the 3D surface.

    I started experimenting with the OpenGL evaluators and GL_MAP2_VERTEX3.

    The results I am getting are very strange, so I am sure that I define the 3D surface's control points incorrectly.

    Could anyone give me any advice, or point me on an alternative route of accomplishing my goal?

    If you need me to post any code, or give more detail just let me know. (I thought it unnecessary to post code at this time, as I'm only looking for possible ways to proceed.)

    Thank you in advance.
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