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    A question on Pointers and inheritance

    Hi guys,

    I am doing a project for my mid term and I am held up with this doubt. I might have misunderstood something all together or it might be a small mistake. Please point it out:

    I have a baseentity class defining the features of a character.
    I have three entities TEnt, Male and Female which inherits from the base entity.
    Now what I wanted was to have a Entitymanager Class which manages all the entities.

    This is a code I wrote for my entity manager:
    namespace Sims{
    /*! Forward declaration of the class*/
    class TEnt;

    /*! class Entity manager inherits from the singleton_client class */
    class EntityManagerrivate Singleton_client{
    /*! \class Sims::EntityManager "include/EntityManager.h" <BR>
    \brief A Singleton manager entity that basically manages all the entities in the scene
    Inherited from the SEntityEyeDefs
    /*! A class that registers the entity to the base vector*/
    /*! FIXME: This function needs to be defined for every class of entity*/
    void REGISTER_ENTITY_INSTANCE(TEnt& instance);

    /*! Prints out a test message //TODO: needs to be removed after testing */
    void print();

    /*! A vector of Each of the classes */
    //FIXME: This piece of code is rubbish.. i need to have a access to all the entities rather than a vector of every set of entity
    /*! A vector of TEnts*/
    std::vector < TEnt* > m_ppTEntList;


    As you can see here there needs to be a private member variable for every class that inherits from the base entity . Also Every function like the REGISTER which has a input or output of the class needs to be called for each and every class. I can understand that this is bad coding. Is there a better way to do this at all?

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    Re: A question on Pointers and inheritance

    Quote Originally Posted by sundar0206 View Post
    As you can see here...
    That's the problem -- it is very difficult to "see", since you didn't use code tags when posting your code. Please do so.

    Second, there is nothing specific to Visual C++ in that code, so you should have posted this in the non-Visual C++ forum.


    Paul McKenzie

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    Re: A question on Pointers and inheritance

    As Paul said, that code's impossible to read without code tags and with code almost indistinguishable from comments. I imagine you're getting this from your teacher but me comments like this just get in the way.
    /*! Forward declaration of the class*/
    class TEnt;
    It's easy to see it's a forward declaration. The comment adds nothing but clutter.

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