I am not pretty sure if I should post this here.

Well another query for the day. A bit long post this time. Please bear with me and help me

I have a class called TEnt which basically defines a entity.
I have another class called Manager which sort of manages the entity. The manager is a singleton class which has the following members
        /*! This is called from other classes to register the instance with the manager*/
        void REGISTER_ENTITY_INSTANCE(TEnt& instance);

        /*! Call the set entity call in each of the registered entities*/
        void EntityCall(void);
        /*! Calls a draw entity call to each of the registerdd entity*/
        void drawEntities(void);
        /*! Prints out a test message*/
        void print();

        /*! A vector of TEnts*/
        std::vector < TEnt* >  m_ppTEntList;

    ///////////////////////////////////////////converting this into a singleton
            EntityManager(const EntityManager&){;}
            EntityManager& operator= (const EntityManager&){;}
            static EntityManager* m_pInstance;
            static bool is_InstanceSet;

            static EntityManager* getPInstance();
I have a Screen class which displays all the entities on the screen and a LevelEditor class which initialises and registers the entities on to the entity manager.

My Level Editor Class has the following function
void LevelEditor::Init_Level(){
EntityManager* Manager=EntityManager::getPInstance();
The REGISTER_ENTITY_INSTANCE(a) pushes the address of the instance onto a vector.
and my screen class has this
//Init level
LevelEditor* Levels=new LevelEditor;
//Init the Emanager
EntityManager* EManager=EntityManager::getPInstance();
This piece of code initialises the level and gets a instance of the Manager.

Now This is the error I am facing
When I call the print function in the screen class it works fine .
it says that a entity has been registered and that the size of the vector is now 1. But this is the piece of code that seems to go wrong and creates a SEGMENTATION fault.

  vector<TEnt*>::iterator iter;
    for (iter=m_ppTEntList.begin();iter!=m_ppTEntList.end();iter++)
All I wanted to do was access every element of the vector and then call a function of each of the element.

Can any one point me to where I am wrong or any better way at all to how this can be done.