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Thread: Combobox in TreeViewItem

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    Question Combobox in TreeViewItem

    Hi all!

    I'm newbie in WPF, so sorry about stupid question.
    It is possible to show combobox side by side with selected TreeViewItem?
    I need something like shown in the 1.jpg picture.
    I tried to do thus:
            <TreeView Name="treeView1">   
                <TreeViewItem Header="aaa">   
                    <ComboBox Height="19">   
                        <ComboBoxItem IsSelected="True">111</ComboBoxItem>  
                    <TreeViewItem Header="aaa1">   
                    <TreeViewItem Header="aaa2">   
                <TreeViewItem Header="bbb">   
                    <TreeViewItem Header="bbb1" />  
                    <TreeViewItem Header="bbb2" />  
                <TreeViewItem Header="ccc" />  
    and the result you can see in the 2.jpg picture.

    Meantime I need to know, how to do this visually. Later I need to do something with SelectedItemChanged event.

    Thanks in advance!

    P.S. sorry about my english
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