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    Array Declaration in class

    hey guys,

    I want to create a class that has an array of unsigned integers whereby the constructor takes in a single unsigned integer to be the size of the array, i.e.

    So for I have, in myclass.h

    class myclass
    unsigned int grades[]; //(i)
    myclass(unsigned int Size)

    In myclass.cpp
    #include "myclass.h"

    myclass:myclass(unsigned int Size)
    grades = unsigned int[Size]; //(ii)

    int main(void)
    myclass Test(10);
    return 0;

    When I build this (In Visual Studio 2005 .NET), I can the following error messages,
    in reference to (i)
    warning C4200: nonstandard extension used : zero-sized array in struct/union
    in reference to (ii)
    error C2062: type 'unsigned int' unexpected

    Where am I going wrong??

    Thanks in Advance,


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    Re: Array Declaration in class

    unsigned int grades[];
    Your array has no size.

    unsigned int grades[10];
    now it has. But what you are trying should look like this:

    unsigned int *grades;
    grades = new int[10];
    delete []grades.

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    Re: Array Declaration in class

    If you write it that way, you'll have to define the destructor, copy constructor, and operator= as well in order to ensure the class objects don't become corrupted. (Alternatively you can simply define the destructor and disable the other two by declaring them private.)

    If you want to save all that effort, declare grades as a std::vector<unsigned int>. Then the default-generated versions of each of those functions will be good enough.

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    Re: Array Declaration in class

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