Class , how to encapsulate this :
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Thread: Class , how to encapsulate this :

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    Class , how to encapsulate this :

    ok this my 1st time writing classes so i need help on
    how to write a class for this :

    void CADOMFC1View::OnMenuitem32771()
       _RecordsetPtr pRecordSet;
       CADOMFC1Doc * pDoc;
       pDoc = GetDocument();
       _bstr_t bstrQuery("SELECT * FROM App_Student");
       _variant_t vRecsAffected(0L);
         pRecordSet = pDoc->m_pConnection->Execute(bstrQuery,&vRecsAffected,adOptionUnspecified);
         if (!pRecordSet->GetadoEOF())
          CListCtrlEx& ctlList = (CListCtrlEx&) GetListCtrl();
          ctlList.AddColumn(" ID ",0);
          ctlList.AddColumn(" Name ",1);
          ctlList.AddColumn(" Gender ",2);
          ctlList.AddColumn(" Subject 1 ",3);
          ctlList.AddColumn(" Subject 2 ",4);
          ctlList.AddColumn(" Class ",5);
          int i = 0;
          _variant_t ID;
          _variant_t vName;
          _variant_t cGender;
          _variant_t vSubject1;
          _variant_t vSubject2;
          _variant_t Class;
          while (!pRecordSet->GetadoEOF())
            ID = pRecordSet->GetCollect(L"ID");
            ctlList.AddItem(i,0,(_bstr_t) ID);
            vName = pRecordSet->GetCollect(L"vName");
            ctlList.AddItem(i,1,(_bstr_t) vName);
            cGender = pRecordSet->GetCollect(L"cGender");
            ctlList.AddItem(i,2,(_bstr_t) cGender);
            vSubject1 = pRecordSet->GetCollect(L"vSubject1");
            ctlList.AddItem(i,3,(_bstr_t) vSubject1);
            vSubject2 = pRecordSet->GetCollect(L"vSubject2");
            ctlList.AddItem(i,4,(_bstr_t) vSubject2);
            Class = pRecordSet->GetCollect(L"Class");
            ctlList.AddItem(i,5,(_bstr_t) Class);
      catch( _com_error &e )
        // Get info from _com_error
        _bstr_t bstrSource(e.Source());
        _bstr_t bstrDescription(e.Description());
        TRACE( "Exception thrown for classes generated by #import" );
        TRACE( "\tCode = %08lx\n", e.Error());
        TRACE( "\tCode meaning = %s\n", e.ErrorMessage());
        TRACE( "\tSource = %s\n", (LPCTSTR) bstrSource);
        TRACE( "\tDescription = %s\n", (LPCTSTR) bstrDescription);
        TRACE( "*** Unhandled Exception ***" );

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    Re: Class , how to encapsulate this :

    Quote Originally Posted by shong View Post
    ok this my 1st time writing classes so i need help on how to write a class for this :

    void CADOMFC1View::OnMenuitem32771()
       // ...
    Sounds like you want to apply a "command pattern" (see "How to Scratch With the Foot" or "Design Patterns"... ).
    My advice is: once you are using MFC, follow the MFC way!
    Let (Class) Wizard to do its job (to add classes, command handler functions, etc) and forget other patterns.
    That will prevent many further headaches.
    "When in Rome, do as Romans do."
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