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    Deleting the garbage character from a file


    I am having a flat file having comma separated values. The first two characters of the first field is some garbage . I want to delete those two characters from the field.

    sample data : - 1236934822~175

    i want only 1236934822

    I am using linux shellscript to do this
    Data=`cat "${FILE_PATH}/${FILE_NAME}" |head -1| cut -d~ -f1`
    Actual_Data=`echo | awk '{ print substr("'"$Data"'",3) }'`
    its giving me only 1.

    Also i want to replace the value 1236934822 with 1236934822 in the roiginal file for further processing.

    Can anyone help me on this.

    I dont know the actual forum to put this question so i put it here. Guide me.


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    Re: Deleting the garbage character from a file


    Is the length of each line very unpredictable? If not then maybe this can help you.

    cat "${FILE_PATH}/${FILE_NAME}" | cut -c 3-999 > temp.txt
    mv temp.txt "${FILE_PATH}/${FILE_NAME}"
    Not very good because of the 999. Im not sure whether there is a way to get the max length of each line.

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