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Thread: [RESOLVED] Virtual Slot Machine

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    [RESOLVED] Virtual Slot Machine

    i want to write a virtual slot machine program, in the program i want to write a function which returns a random integer and i should call this function 3 times to get 3 different integers, what happens is that i get the same random integer 3 times, so please i want to know where is the problem in my code. If anyone read c++ for game developing module 1(game institute) he would be familiar with the program its in chapter 3 exercise 3.7.6:

    Here is my code:

    using namespace std;
    int random(int low,int high);
    int main(){
    int a[3];
    for(int i=0;i<3;i++){a[i]=random(2,7);}
    int random(int low,int high){
    int x=low+rand()%((high+1)-low);
    return x;}

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    Re: Virtual Slot Machine

    srand() should be called only once - at the beginning of main() - not in the random() function().

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    Re: Virtual Slot Machine

    thank u very much

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