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Thread: Reading a .dat file content to a struct

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    Reading a .dat file content to a struct

    i am starting to do a simple file I/O program and i was wondering how do i read the .dat file and put the content into the struct i created so that i can manipulate them later. Here is the code i had..
    struct food
            char itemName[50];
    	double price;
    	int sold;
    int main()
    	food Bill[5];
    	ifstream inFile;
    	readFile (inFile, "Billing.dat", Bill);
    void readFile (ifstream& inFile, char fileName[], food Bill[])
    	 inFile.open (fileName);
    	 if (!inFile)
                     cout << "Error: unable to open " << fileName <<endl;
         //reading the content into the struct Bill
    the .dat file content 2 lines, they are:

    Bacon Sausgae Eggs Coffee Tea
    1.50 1.20 .140 .130 .180

    i created 5 records, which correspond to the 5 items in the . dat file.

    Note: sorry for missing out

    so as i said, i would like to read those content in the .dat and store to the struct i had created, so later on, i can use that information to do some simple mathamatic. Because i had a menu with options to let user to select
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    Re: Reading a .dat file content to a struct

    And what?
    Victor Nijegorodov

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