Does anyone know how to write a program that prompts the user for two values of type double and uses the pow function to calculate x[y]. Using the headers iostream.h and math.h and put comments to describe parts of the program.

Write a program that uses sqrt function to calculate circumference of a circle. Formula is 2/Pi*Area

WRite a program that prompts the user for a variable of type double and returns the cosine, sine, tangent, and natural logarithm of the value entered.

Write a program that accepts a single character as inut and uses the character functions to report back to the user the following information:
Whether the character is a letter a digit or some other type of character.
If the character is a letter tell the user whether the letter is uppercase or lowercase.


Questions time!
What is the term for functions that come with your compiler?
What do you do to provide prototypes for functions that come with yor compiler?
What does pow10 function do?
What type of variable is passed to the sqrt function?
Write a function call that returns the tangent of 1.0.
What library function can be used to convert a character to uppercase?

I recently had a schedule change and the only open class was a C++ class, and the teacher stacked me with work to get me "caught up" and I really don't understand much about it. I'm running out of time before its due [tomorrow morning].

I was wondering if anyone can help me on this basic stuff. [How do I know its basic? Its called C++ Basic haha.]