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    Question Accessing USB Host in Windows Mobile 5.0


    I try to access a HID USB device with my PocketPC LOOX with integrated USB Host.

    I already figured out - that I can get an handle to the device with -> FindFirstDevice, FindNextDevice
    I am quite sure I got the _right_ device, because I looked at the enumeration before an after I plugged it in.
    The device name in the DEVMGR_DEVICE_INFORMATION is HID1.
    I assume this also means the HID driver was loaded.

    To make sure opening is made with the correct options - I do a

    HANDLE hFile = CreateFileW(di.szDeviceName,

    No error occurs, and I see a value for hFile.

    Now I try to write and read from the handle with

    Result = WriteFile(handle, &WriteBuffer, 10, &BytesWritten, NULL);
    ReadFile(handle, &ReadBuffer, 10, &NumberOfBytesRead, NULL);

    of cource with the right Buffer / Bufferlenght handling.

    WriteFile and ReadFile does not work an come with error 50 (ERROR_NOT_SUPPORTED).

    Does not seem right

    So I tried to deal with DeviceIoControl .. and got no luck.

    On Windows XP everythink work fine (HidD_GetPreparsedData, HidP_GetCaps, SetupDiGetClassDevsW, SetupDiEnumDeviceInterfaces, SetupDiGetDeviceInterfaceDetailW, CreateFile, ReadFile, WriteFile) but this functions does not seem to be available in Windows Mobile 5.0 (hid.dll, hidsdi.h, setupapi.h ...)

    If you wonder which device I want to control ... here you go .. JoyWarrior 24F8 from www.codemercs.com

    Can anyone point me to the right function to access / read / write an HID USB Device in Windows Mobile 5.0.
    It does not matter if VB, VC++,C or C#
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    Re: Accessing USB Host in Windows Mobile 5.0

    Have you already success?
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