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Thread: Random numbers

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    Random numbers


    Im working on a particle system, where i need to calculate the same random numbers from a given id, each time. The ids are given in order of the birth sequence.


    Particle 1.ID = 0
    Particle 2.ID = 1
    Particle 3.ID = 2
    Particle 4.ID = 3

    etc etc

    The way i want it to work is that as Particle 1 is passed through a node, say a position node, the same random Vector3 number is produced each time as long as the ID stays the same. With the Vector3 being made up of XY and Z floating point numbers.

    something like this

    Vector3 getRandomPosition( Int ID );

    and i also want the same for other nodes as well, such as

    Vector3 getRandomPosition( Int ID );
    Vector3 getRandomDirection( Int ID );
    Vector3 getRandomSpeed( Int ID );

    But i dont know how to go about doing this. My first thought was to map the ID range to the floating pointing range of -1 to 1;


    0 - rand_max
    -1 - 1

    and then just assign a rand() for the ID. But this doesnt work, as if i do the same for speed, and direction. The case forms where lower ids, have lower, speed, direction and position values. which looks very obvious.

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    Re: Random numbers

    Well, technically it's only random the first time you see an ID, right? After that it's deterministic, if I'm understanding properly.

    What I'd do is use a std::map<int, Vector3> chosenPosition, and then do
    Vector3 getRandomPosition( int ID )
        return chosenPosition.insert(make_pair(ID, generateRandomVector3())).first->second;
    each time, since insert() will only succeed if the given ID is not already known:

    (Alternatively you could check to see if the ID exists and then only bother generating the random vector if not.....this is really only better if random generation is expensive, however.)
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