Hi, guys.

I'm trying to send e-mails from my windows app, with a series of frustrations:
1) found system::net::mail.
-Got excited at first, but the problem is I need an SMTP host

2) my webhost, yahoo, does SMTP!
-problem is a) it says to use SSL and I don't know how in .NET; b) every username/password combo says Yahoo is disconnecting me, so apparently SSL is required, not optional?

3) looked for "free" smtp servers
-they all send their own message with the mail, which looks unprofessional. Also most use SSL, which I don't know how to use.

Can anyone give me a clear and simple way to get some e-mails delivered from my app, or even give me some hints where/how to start finding info on my own? Ideally, does anyone know of a tutorial? Any ideas at all (even helpful guesses) would be GREATLY appreciated.