determine which option (radio) button is active
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Thread: determine which option (radio) button is active

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    determine which option (radio) button is active

    Here is a function I made up (with tips from Hannesthegreat and Wof)..might come in handy....
    'Determines & returns which option button in an array is presently active
    'Returns -1 when none are active (such as at initialization)
    'example:  text3.text=str(WhichOptionActive(optRadioButtonBank1))
    Public Function WhichOptActive(CtrlArr As Variant) As Integer
    Dim Cntrl As Control
    WhichOptActive = -1  'default, if none active
    For Each Cntrl In CtrlArr
      If Cntrl.Value = True Then       'look for active option button
       WhichOptActive = Cntrl.Index
       Exit Function  'if found, get out now
      End If
    Next Cntrl
    End Function
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