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Thread: COM question

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    COM in pure win32 api

    Hi Folks,

    I need to receive the entry point from a function in "jscript.dll". Actually, it's not a real
    exported function, but let me explain it (I'm not really expirienced with COM).

    Some applications are calling IActiveScriptParse::ParseScriptText, but as I already mentioned
    above, this "function", is not exported, so I guess I can forget about using GetProcAddress() at any point, right?

    The real deal is, I need to trampoline the ParseScriptText call from applications (no it's not malicous), but unless other API calls I can't receive an entry point to insert a jmp instruction.
    To complicate things, I'm doing C only, I guess C++ is a better choice dealing with COM.
    Actually I just need to know how to call a COM function/method/object with pure win32 API.

    Maybe I'm total confused and on the wrong way, is it actually possible to hook COM methods
    like |entry point|...|jmp|...|ret ?

    Any ideas?
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