Hi All,

I have a report with several subreports. The subreports are internal to the main report (i.e. they are not stored seperately).

Everything on the report was working fine, then I introduced a new column on the main report and all data stopped appeaing. I've done Verify Database and crystal seems happy with that, I've checked the database location and that looks fine.

I though I'd run the Dependency checker and all dependencies have failed with the following error ' Subreports: re-import will not work. This report cannot be found:.' I assume this is because for some strange reason it only looks for subreports stored outside the main report so these are probably a red herring.

My problem still remains in that I get absolutely nothing in the main report or any sub reports. I've closed and re-booted the machine just in case something strange has happened and it needs clearing, but that hasn't solved it either.

I've also checked through the 'Database Expert' option and all looks ok there too.

I'm using Crystal 11.