My name's John Girard, and I work for a small company, Advanced Systems and Controls, that manufactures custom test and measurement equipment, including software automation. Over the past few years, we've produced a great deal of .NET code for our own purposes: much of our software requires signal analysis, and we've been unsatisfied with many of the charting controls available for .NET, and so have tended to produce our own.

One of the components that's been of use to us is WhipChart, a charting control designed to display large amounts of data in a visually appealing manner, while offering flexibility of the viewing window in real-time. The signals we've needed to view are often composed of hundreds of thousands of points, and most of the existing components tend to have a hard time handling this much data rapidly. In addition, sometimes we're interested in seeing both a general overview of the data (zoomed far out), and other times we're more interested in seeing an extremely detailed view (zoomed in), such as when we're looking for signal noise. Such flexibility was difficult to come by, and this component was designed with that in mind.

I've uploaded a video demonstrating some of the capabilities of the control: the video was captured using a 1-year-old laptop with modest CPU and video hardware (the original resolution was 800x600):


We're not quite in a position to release a demo, shareware, or limited-functionality version (although given interest we certainly plan to): we still have a bit of work yet to cover installers, code obfuscation, and licensing. If you are interested in using this component in one of your projects, please e-mail me (john.girard@advancedsyst.com), as given enough interest to warrant the up-front costs, we can rapidly make the component available for use (if I had to guess, I'd say the control would be priced somewhere in the under-$200 price range for royalty-free usage).

John Girard
Advanced Systems and Controls