Large project that I've been working on converting from VC++ 6.0 to VC++ 8.0 (.NET 2005). It has an app (EXE), a main DLL, and 5 component DLLs (formerly COM, but now are MFC Dlls).

One of the DLLs has many dialogs and controls that are used. When I converted over, I just copied most of the resource file (.rc) over to the new one (textually).

Everything looks fine. All dialog boxes and controls appear fine when I look at the resources in the project.

When I get to the point in my code where a dialog box is called, nothing happens. Nothing comes up, it just goes over the line returning a -1.

Relevant Code:

      CSequenceSelectDialog dlg;
      dlg.m_pTestProperties = m_pTestProperties;
      dlg.m_pConfigurationMatrix = m_pConfigurationMatrix;
      dlg.m_nStationNumber = nStationNumber;
      dlg.m_strUserPath = m_strUserPath;
      dlg.m_strTestPath = m_strTestPath;
before .NET conversion */
      *nSequenceSelection = m_nSequenceSelection = (int) dlg.DoModal();
      if (*nSequenceSelection == IDOK)
Is there any reason this isn't working now that you can think of? Any thoughts are appreciated.