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Thread: OpenGL

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    I have tried to get some sort of graphics programming to work on my computer and it hasn't worked. I downloaded Dark GDK the Game Creators from Microsoft, but when I tried it, the header compiled with errors, even in the default "program" that Dark GDK gives you to start.
    Does anyone know what it is (maybe a setting I have to change or something) that will help me be able to use OpenGL, or any other graphics library that will work with Visual C++?


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    Re: OpenGL

    An issue I had with OpenGL was that I had to include <windows.h> before <gl.h> (or <GL/gl.h>). Also, include opengl32.lib (and perhaps glu32.lib) in your additional dependencies in your linker settings.
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    Re: OpenGL

    It can't find "d3dx9.h" and including windows.h doesn't help.

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