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    MAPIFindNext return 16 but there are emails in Windows Mail

    Hi everybody,

    I builted an aplication that read emails from windows Mail. The MAPILogon returns 0, but when a try to send a MAPIFindNext before to use MAPIReadMail the return code is 16. There are emails unreaded in windows mail and i thing that the return code must be 0 for MAPIFindNext.

    The windows mail is the default email manager.

    I created an email account as "softools" and conected it to samuel.softools@ig.com.br

    The MAPI in WIN.INI is 1 and set to MAPI32.DLL. I Loaded the MAPI31.DLL correctly with loadlibrary().

    I thing is everything is fine but nothing is heppening

    Some can help me ?

    Sorry by poor english !

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    Re: MAPIFindNext return 16 but there are emails in Windows Mail

    What do these return value 0 and 16 mean?
    According to my "old" MSDN:
    Return Values

    One or more unspecified errors occurred while matching the message type. The call failed before message type matching could take place.
    There was insufficient memory to proceed. No message was found.
    An invalid message identifier was passed in the lpszSeedMessageID parameter. No message was found.
    An invalid session handle was passed in the lhSession parameter. No message was found.
    A matching message could not be found.
    The call succeeded and the message identifier was returned.
    Victor Nijegorodov

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    Re: MAPIFindNext return 16 but there are emails in Windows Mail



    Iīm allways receive a return code 16, but the return code is not correct. There are messages unreaded in windows mail inbox, so, will must be 0.

    I donīt know i cant read the unreaded emails in windows mail.

    Two days ago i need to reinstall the windows vista to factory configuration. The partitions was recreated and the windows vista reinstalled. after this i installed the office 2003.

    The Program was functioning correctly but now it stopped to function.

    The email was readed normaly

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