Good Morning

I have the Following User Control in the Pic "UserControl_Design_Mode.JPG" and i have the Following code to enable Partial Rendering


    /*Enabling Partial */


    public bool EnablePartialRendering { get; set; }

Am exposing the Properties of a usercontrol like like this

    public UpdatePanelUpdateMode UpdateMode

            return this.UpdatePanel1.UpdateMode;
            this.UpdatePanel1.UpdateMode = value;


And there are of them

and i went to the Hosting page we have a pic

for Example, in the Button Remove i have Finally something like this

   Response.Redirect("SubjectStaff.aspx", false); //Refresh the Page again
I was Forcing a Postback and the Whole Page flickers, i want to Refresh only the UserControl.

i tried the Following instead of the above statement

Here am trying to call the name of the usercontrol first and then the Properties it exposes, but i only get the load and load1 event , it seems every is hiden now since i have taken the Control inside the Update Paanel in the User Control.

Can you Help me in that Regard