OK, the code in our application has not changed, but we have added more pages to the help file and more direct links to these pages in the application. If I open the .CHM file on it's own, it comes up to the first item in the help file as it should. However when I use one of the Help buttons in the application, it brings up the help file with the correct view in the left frame, but the right frame says 'page cannot be displayed'. I can still bring up the correct help topics and read them, it is just the linking from the application to the individual help pages that is not working.

It worked fine before the extra pages and links were added, but we have been through them over and over and the logic is sound. We cannot find the reason for this.

It's not mission critical, but it is an annoyance for our clients.

The .CHM files are saved in the local directory, not over the network as the only other instance I can find of this issue is when the help file is being accessed over the network with limited rights.

I didn't write the help or the links to it, but I am in charge of fixing it. I have attached a sample of the code for the links, but I am doubtful that it will help.

Also we used a program called Fast Help to make the .CHM file.

One person has suggested that since the HelpIDs we have set are not in order, this is causing the issue, however that just doesn't make sense to me. They were in order in the old file that worked with the links, but with the addition of new topics mixed in with the old, to save many hours of relabelling, the numbers to label them are no longer in order. It's the only thing that has changed besides the addition of new topics.

Don't ask why we are not using help.showhelp. I did not create this, I just have to fix it as simply as possible.

Dim lHelpID As Long
*** Select Case SSTab1.Tab
****** Case 0
*********** lHelpID = 22000
****** Case 1
*********** lHelpID = 22001
****** Case 2
*********** lHelpID = 22002
****** Case 3
*********** lHelpID = 22003
****** Case 4
*********** lHelpID = 22004
****** Case 5
*********** lHelpID = 22005
****** Case 6
*********** lHelpID = 22006

Case 7
*********** lHelpID = 22007
*** End Select

*** With hHelp
******* .CHMFile = App.Path & "\main.chm"
******* .HHTopicID = lHelpID
******* .HHWindow = "Main"
******* .HHDisplayTopicID
*** End With

*** Set hHelp = Nothing