I recently was put in charge of evaluating several reporting packages for my company. If you're like me and weren't that impressed by Crystal, there are a couple other packages I would check out.

Pentaho (www.pentaho.com) is open source and free. The downside is that it is open source and there is very minimal help available to you.

Windward Reports (http://www.***************.com/?source=jmada&id=P&utm_source={source}&utm_campaign=jmada) is probably my favorite. Pretty easy to get the hang of and is integrated into Word and Excel.

SQL Server Reporting Services (msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms159106.aspx) or SSRS is a monster package that can pretty much do anything you want to do - as long as you're willing to put a few weeks into learning the software.

Hope this helps anyone still in the market for a reporting package.