We are pleased to announce the production availability of the new 2009 Vol.1 major release of Nevron .NET Vision - the data visualization components suite for .NET development (WinForms and ASP.NET). In 2009 Vol.1 we have introduced New Chart Series, Chart Axes Improvements, 3D Chart Fit In Box, Gauge Improvements, Diagram Expandable/Collapsible Shapes, Diagram Shape Decorators (Frame, Expand Collapse, Show Hide Subtree), New Diagram Importers (Database and Class Importers), Diagram Layout Improvements and much more.

What is new in Vol. 1 2009?

Nevron Chart for .NET

New Chart Series

- Range Series -
The Range series can display 2D or 3D shapes defined by the begin / end values of their bounding boxes. It can be used for display of histograms, bars with custom sizes, 3D ranges etc.
- Vector Series -
The vector series allows for the display of 2D and 3D vector fields, with controllable vector position, vector direction and color.

Gauge Improvements

- Numeric Display Improvements -
The numeric display panel has been extended to support sign display with several options.
- Indicator Value Dampening -
Both value and numeric indicator can now use a value dampening effect that smooth the transition of the indicator from one value to another.
- Knob Indicator -
The knob indicator is a new type of value indicator with controllable style that provides the end user with an easy way to modify the values.

Chart Axes Improvements

- Range Label Improvements -
Range labels have been improved to support additional tick styles as well as options for automatic fitting and clipping.
- View Range Inflate -
All axes can now be configured to inflate their logical range in several modes. You can now specify whether the axis range should be rounded to the nearest major tick or specify custom logical or absolute inflate.
- Hierarchical Scale Improvements -
The hierarchical scale configurator has been extended to support first level and group level grid style and controllable label overlapping behavior that differs for first and group level labels. The configurator has also been extended to support level padding allowing for better readablity of the labels.
- Timeline Scale Improvements -
Both the NValueTimelineScaleConfigurator and the NRangeTimelineScaleConfigurator have been extended to support custom step for each timeline row. The NRangeTimelineScaleConfigurator has also been extended to support level padding.

3D Chart Fit In Box

- 3D Fit In Box -
All Cartesian 3D chart can now be forced to fit their entire content (axis labels, series etc.) into the content area box defined by their panel.

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Nevron Diagram for .NET

DOM Improvements

- Added was support for expandable/collapsible shapes (groups).
- Added was support for shape decorators. In this release we have implemented the following decorators:
- Frame Decorator - adds a header and background to a shape
- Expand Collapse Decorator - adds an expand/collapse toggle button to a shape.
- Show Hide Subtree Decorator - adds a show/hide subtree toggle button to a shape.
- Added was support for Table Shapes. Table shapes are similar to the tables used in HTML (i.e. each cell can span several rows and/or columns, and may contain images and/or text).
- Added was support for UML Shapes. Built upon the Table Shape, they allow the user to create UML class diagrams with ease. The UML shapes also supports different notations for its UML members.
- Added was support for ERM Shapes and Connectors. With ERM Shapes and Connectors you can easily display any Entity Relation diagram.

Layout Improvements

- The Balloon Tree Layout now has properties to control the sector angle for the children of the root vertex and the children of the other vertices, as well as the start angle at which to begin the arranging of the shapes.
- The Radial and the Single Cycle layouts now allow the user to control their aspect ratio
- The Tip-over Tree Layout now has a different placement specifier for the leaf nodes.
- The Layered Graph Layout now allows the user to specify the position of each node in its layer individually using its Layout Data.
- The Layout Context now allows the user to specify the shapes and/or groups he/she wants to layout.

New Importers

- The Database Importer allows the users to import the entire hierarchy of a database, which makes the task of creating database entity relation diagrams easier than ever before.
- The Class Importer allows the users to create complete class hierarchy diagrams based on a given class with only few lines of code.

Fixed Issues and Optimizations

- The hit test of diagrams with thousands of shapes has been significantly optimized.
- The clowning and binary serialization of user defined tags has been fixed.
- The Disconnected event is now raised when you remove a connected shape.

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