Hi, can someone help?

A Typical xcopy:

System("xcopy /y /s /e /f source path destination path").

Is it possible for the xcopy to locate the source path and destination path from
a text box within the same form?

The form has two folderbrowserdialogs which paste the paths selected into
two textboxes. source being textBox1 and destination being textBox2.

I thought it would be a simple case of naming the textboxes in place of source
and destination.

For example:

System("xcopy /y /s /e /f textBox1 textBox2");

I also tried:

System("xcopy /y /s /e /f textBox1.Text textBox2.Text");

However, they don't work, but don't report any errors either.

can someone suggest something?
I can't seem to find the answer browsing the internet.