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    Abstract type problem

    Hi people,

    I am really struggling with this one!

    My class and implementation: (it should inherit from MyFramework::

    ------------------------- >MyConnection.h

    #ifndef MYCONNECTION_H_
    #define MYCONNECTION_H_

    #include "TcpReceiver.h"

    class MyConnection : public MyFramework::TcpReceiver {

    MyConnection(const std::string &cfg, const std::string &feed_name);




    #include <iostream>
    #include "MyConnection.h"

    using namespace std;
    using namespace MyNamespace;
    using namespace MyFramework;

    MyConnection::MyConnection(const std::string &config, const
    std::string &connection){

    cout<<("Calling constructor")<<endl;



    ------------------------> In my main, I do this:

    MyConnection recv(config, connection);

    ERROR: cannot declare variable recv to be of abstract type

    Now this is driving me nuts.HELP!

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    Re: Abstract type problem

    What pure virtual functions in MyFramework::TcpReceiver are not in MyConnection?
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    Re: Abstract type problem

    Yes, as pointed out JVene. There are some virtual function in base class that are not defined in derived class.

    Look into it.
    Thanks for your help.

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