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Thread: The date of creation of a web page

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    The date of creation of a web page

    Dear all,
    How can I figure out on which date certain page is created?
    If I try ->right click and Properties almost always I get the current date!

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    Re: The date of creation of a web page

    There are two timestamp properties to every file, date created and date modified. Unfortunately, if you upload a new file to your web server, both of those will reset because you are copying over a new file, you aren't editing the old one.

    If you have server logs, you could check to see when the first time that file was put live. If you don't, you're going to have to find the original file.
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    Re: The date of creation of a web page

    And if you're looking for an information about some company web presence, etc. it would be a good idea to check when the domain name was registered using some service like: In most cases it gives registration/creation/update dates and some extra info.
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