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Thread: need help !!

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    need help !!

    im doing a short program for an aircraft throttles (quadrant throttle).

    if i move the throttles initially from 0% to 100% position. and its stay there (at 100% position) for a long time. now i want check if the throttles whether has been stationary there for a period of time (e.g. stay there for more than 3 seconds). if condition meet then i will store the position of the throttles into a group of arrays.

    now what i want to ask is that is there a way to check whether the throttles is remain stationary for that certain period of time. how the condition look like?

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    Re: need help !!

    Your explanation of the problem is very vague.

    Please read the FAQ's to this forum.

    No one will write your "short program" for you.

    What do you have so far?
    Where exactly is the problem?
    Which problem?

    You will either need a timer or a notification (with timestamp) of changes of the throttle.

    With regards

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    Re: need help !!

    i haven start yet, but all this points wass discovered after a discussion with a group of my friends and have to take note about.

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    Re: need help !!

    Most of the "change over time" problems more or less boil down to...

    Recording machine state (throttle % in your case) and a system time indicator (GetTickCount(), GetSystemTime()... or something similar).

    When the machine state changes, you update the "state changed at time" variable. Otherwise you don't, and you also record the state at that point.

    You can later compare this and do stuff when it's been at a certain state for a certain amount of time...

    You will typically have a timer function or a thread to continuously check the machine state to do this. Or if you'd have this elsewhere in your code that gets called regularly.
    int iThrottle = GetThrottle();
    DWORD dwTimeNow = GetTickCount();
    if (iThrottle!=iLastThrottle)
        iLastThrottle = iThrottle;
        dwLastChangeTime = dwTimeNow;
    if (dwTimeNow >= dwLastChangeTime+3000)  // No change for at least 3000ms
         // Do something

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