../lib/SIPEvent.lib' - linked in ABC.DLL or the EXE? Or Both??
I don't use SIPEvent.lib at all. It's not mine, and I don't use it.
It's a matter from some other post earlier.

Don't fiddle with VC runtime library settings. Restore them!

Is your DLL generated successfully?

Are all .LIBs Release Builds?
SDK.lib is Release, and ABC.lib and ABC.dll are Debug.
ABCTest.exe is Debug.

No service pack issues of VC8 with ABC.DLL and your EXE?
Don't know.

Did not fiddle with Manifest settings?
Not sure. I am using embeded Manifest file, and
it has a reference to both msvc80 and msvc90 DLL(s).
Does it make sense ?