On Feb.17, 2012,e-iceblue, a professional, pure and stable .NET components provider for handling office files, released its new hotfix version of Spire.Doc. New HotFix Version 4.1.25 fixed three bugs: saving to DOCX, packing DOCX and parsing RTF, which makes a great achievement in the product renewal.

In the former hotfix, the related conversion bug rtf to html was fixed. When convert rtf to html, the column width is not precise as it has been. Thus, it would bring an exception. The former hotfix version dealt with this problem. As is known to all, when use the conversion feature, people frequently encounter a lot of troubles, such as the column width or height is not accurate ,some information is missing, the format is changed or disappears and so on. The former version emphasized the rtf to html conversion. Go without saying, it is worthy of the positive response. How about this new hotfix version? Read the following paragraph.

New HotFix Version 4.1.25 makes a great breakthrough in fixing bugs of saving to DOCX, packing DOCX and parsing RTF, which bothered users in old versions. When it comes with the saving to DOCX bug, setting the precise cell width caused incorrect gridSpan; if people meet packing DOCX bug, the different modified file dates are written in the local file header of zip; when it appears parsing RTF bug, it means if the document is end with a table element, the table will be lost. Of course, it is a tough problem. These three sides said above are the major advance in the new hotfix version. Compared with former version, the new one fixed three bugs. However, version 4.1.25 has no new features, which may be a shortcoming that should be paid high attention to in the next product update.

New Hotfix version of Spire.Doc settled three problems existing in the old version, which also frequently troubled users long before. This time, they have been all resolved. Apparently, this provides much more convenience to users. And it suggests that the e-iceblue support is a team that owns high responsibility in putting the customers’ need in the first place. However, only high responsibility is not enough. What customers most noticed are perfect quality products. So the product improvement should be an important and immortal task for the support team. Even so, we affirm the advance and expect the next publish. If you need a Doc component, copy the link below into your browser to learn more details about Spire.Doc.


Friendly Reminder: Hot fix patch, just includes updated dll files. Before applying this patch, make sure that Spire.Doc 4.1 has been installed correctly.

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