I need to create a PDF document which contains a layout similar to an HTML frames page. I have the option of imbedding .swf to provide the necessary functionality. Separate PDF documents need to be able to scroll in one section of the frame while the other sections display other information separately. I have seen a PDF which had what appeared to be an application-defined panel floating above it (docked to the top, with another panel docked to the bottom) which remained there when the user scrolled, just as an HTML frame would. This may be sufficient, but it would be better if I could also have something on the left which did not clip a separate PDF document scrolling on the right. I have heard of layers; might that be an option?
I am using iText with Java to create the frames-containing main document. I need to be able to arbitrarily specify separate PDF documents to be used in the section of the main PDF intended for it.
I am a beginner to iText and PDF, though not to Java. I have access to iText in Action.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.