run exe from network location
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Thread: run exe from network location

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    run exe from network location


    I have developed an vc++ executable on visual studio 2008 with target framework as .net 2. I want to run this application from network location but it fails without giving any proper message. It is like a crash with 'send error report to microsoft message dialog'. The application runs fine if it is copied on the system on which to run.

    The exe lies on a shared drive in windows server 2003 machine and I am trying to run it from windows xp. The client machine has .net 2 framework, redistributable package installed. I used dependency walker to check dependencies and there is no error in that. I used fuslogvw.exe to check the bindings but I see that only application.exe and mscorlib.exe binding logs are there. It does not even call for binding beyond this like runtime dlls. I have used caspol.exe to set the permissions (given FullTrust in All_Code to this network location and also in LocalIntranet_Zone). But this didn't make difference on this.
    The manifest file is embedded in the binary and is proper.

    The same exe runs if it accessed from windows vista or if visual studio 2008 is installed on the xp machine with permissions set to FullTrust for All_Code.

    What could be the reason? How to trace the error? I do not see any error in the event viewer when application crashes without start.


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    Re: run exe from network location

    Is it a debug or a release build ? I'm guessing it's a debug build - you should run a release build instead.

    You also have to ensure that the vc9 runtimes are installed on the local machine.

    Do a google for 'vc9 redist'.

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