Bytescout Spreadsheet SDK 2.11 version is available for download! Now comes with Worksheets and cells protection support.

What's new:

* Problem with Data may have been lost message while opening XLS in Excel fixed
* new Spreadsheet.Options class
* XLS files protection support for worksheets (see Worksheet.Protected, Worksheet.Protect and .UnProtect)
* Bytescout.Spreadsheet.BaseClasses.Gridline renamed into .GridLineColor
* Bytescout.Spreadsheet.BaseClasses.GridLinesColor renamed into .GridLineColorEnabled
* Bytescout.Spreadsheet.Constants.AlignmentHorizontal.CentredSelect renamed into .СenteredSelect
* new .RangeSelectionMethod property to control how selection works with merged cells while using .CopyAndPaste and .CopyInto methods
* ActiveX interface support (to use from VBScript, Javascript, Visual Basic 6)
* SDK now comes with the Dashboard
* minor bug-fixes and improvements
* documentation updates and new samples

Free Trial version download: