Eloquera Database 2.0 (codename Woomera) - the web-oriented client/server object database for .NET. It is already available as a pre-release version on the website http://woomera.eloquera.com

The upcoming version of Eloquera database has some mind-boggling features, and I would like to give a brief list of its main features.

* Storing any .NET object without implementing any interface or inheriting from a specially designed class.
* Queries based on SQL. Yep, good old SQL. And no SQL database is required.
* Returns the objects in their native form, as a single object or as an enumeration.
* Supports arrays in queries. Any arrays - simple, multidimensional, jagged, of simple or complex types. And there is more!
* Supports JOINs in queries. And even for arrays.
* Expressions and functions in queries. You can perform JOINs or sort your data on them.
* Flexible sorting - there are some really useful ones.
* Regular Expressions are your best friends! Regex support in queries.
* Indexes. Yep, you can index data for faster access. Both fields and properties.
* Bulk inserts and updates. You can insert tens of thousands objects in a second.
* Generic object support. And also in queries.
* Inheritance support in queries (SELECT ParentClass returns both ParentClass and ChildClass)
* Queries only upon certain type. (SELECT ONLY ParentClass returns only ParentClass, but not ChildClass)
* Restoring objects partially (you might need ForumTopic object, but don't need all TopicMessage, linked with it)
* Depth for queries.
* Client/server architecture.
* Parallel and independent query execution for multiple users.
* Windows authentication. Specify no user name and log on under your current account.
* Both Server and client are implemented in 32- and 64-bit architectures.
* Unique identifier for any object within a database - for stateless environments (hence ASP.NET)
* Different cultures support in queries (e.g., "where dates BETWEEN['en-US'] @d1 and @d2" - formats will be treated as US English, even with the current UK settings on the machine)
* Approximate matching with ALMOST keyword.

Have you seen an object database with SQL query support? With JOINs? And with arrays?

Please follow the links below for downloading Eloquera DB v2.0 (codename Woomera).

Pre-release site for Eloquera 2.0 codename Woomera.

URL: http://woomera.eloquera.com

Forum: http://woomera.eloquera.com/TopicsList.aspx

Documentation: http://woomera.eloquera.com/NetHelp/default.htm