Visual WebGui is launching a new weekly online show geared to give the developer, IT, and web design communities the inside scoop on the Visual WebGui RIA platform.

Geeks on a Role, hosted by Visual WebGui creator Guy Peled and Eyal Albert, VWGs developer experience manager, will provide a platform for information and knowledge sharing for the Visual WebGui community by discussing the latest company news, product announcements, technology demos and general development topics. In addition, each week Geeks on a Role will choose questions sent in from the audience or posted on the Visual WebGui forums to provide on air answers and solutions.

Watch Geeks on a Role - Episode 1:

The first episode of Geeks on a Role discusses the new UI customization abilities in the release of Visual WebGui 6.4 Preview Version 1, and the current 6.3 version of the Visual WebGui Professional Studio. The episode also provides some background on the creation of Visual WebGui and the solution this RIA platform provides for the application development community. Beginning a weekly tradition, episode 1 also gives a voice to Visual WebGui community members seeking to have their technology questions answered on the show.