I have a flash activeX integrated into my application. I can run local files without any problems. But I can''t run swf files directly from the internet. Its a non-MFC based app using ATL.

When I try to run swf directly form the internet by passing a URL (www.somelink.com/flash.swf) to put_Movie, the flash player goes into ready state 3 which means "intereactive" (I can't seem to find any details on what this means). But nothing gets downloaded from the internet and the ready state does not reach 4 "complete" even if I keep waiting for some time.

I have also tried using LoadMovie(0, url) but that does the same thing (ready state 3). I know that the flash player that Adobe provide (desktop app) downloads and plays movies from HTTP URL's.

So am I missing something basic here? Does the flash activeX download movies or is this implemented separately in Adobe's flash player app?

I am not using IShockwaveFlashEvents and do not implement its OnProgress method. Is this what is stopping activeX from downloading the swf?

Any help with this will be much appreciated.